No hidden fees. No confusing tiered pricing. What you see is what you get. With us, there are no contracts. You can schedule weekly pickups if that’s what works for you – or – just schedule a pickup when you need it. Our service is easy to schedule and everything can be set up on your phone or computer.

Residential Service – Door to Door

Household items

Items Price
Bedding Set: (non-weighted):
-Comforter, lining/sheet, and 2 pillowcases
Small Throw Blanket (1) $3.25 Med
Small Throw Blanket Large (1) $4.50
Small bathroom rug set $3.25 Med
Small bathroom rug set Large $5.50
Dog bed $5.50

Separate bedding

Items Price
Comforter $8.50
Bed lining/sheet $5.00
Pillow case (2) $1.50
Clothing  per lb (weighed at time of pick up) $1.50
Clothing Min $30.00
Clothing Min (for first-time customers) $25.00


Standard Wash: All, Downy, Bounce Sheets

Hypo-Allergenic Wash: All, Downy, Bounce Sheets, (Free & Gentle) only used if specified

Washed on delicate

We offer next-day delivery and no contact service; just a phone call to confirm details!

Dry Cleaning Services (Coming soon)


Items Price
Blouse/Shirt (Coming Soon)
Skirt (Coming Soon)
Beaded (Coming Soon)
Trousers/Dress Pants (Coming Soon)
Blazer (Coming Soon)
Light Jacket/Fall Jacket (Coming Soon)
Coats (Coming Soon)


Items Price
Extra Clear bag $1.25 each
Wash and pressed tops and trousers on a hanger $3.25 each
Laundry bag with LL’s Logo (COMING SOON)


Load Lifter’s can accommodate pick up at the back porch/side door if you are not home, but payment will need to be processed at the time of drop-off or before on our website. We also accept Cash App/Venmo. $30 minimum for pick-up and drop-off service.

Please note: Load Lifter’s washes each customer’s order individually and with care. We do not assume any responsibility for lost or damaged items – while sorting, all pockets are checked and all tags are looked over carefully and refer to the laundry symbol sheet we have in our sorting, wash, and drying area

Commercial Services

Please contact us for any commercial services

L.L.L.S offers a weekly rental service on napkins and tablecloths. Contact us to get a sales representative to your location.

Looking to outfit your kitchen staff? Our rental service includes everything from chef coats and pants to custom embroidered garments.

Our hospitality rentals include hotels, massage parlors, universities, and more.

Lab coats and scrubs are also included in our rental service. If you are only looking to purchase, we offer direct sales.